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Journal of Development Economics, Feb97, Vol. 52 Issue 1, p1, 30p Assenza, F. & Walsh, P. “EDIMI - EDI for Maritime Imports - Final Project Report” Tradegate Australia Limited, Sydney, December Keywords: economic development, structural change, comparative studies, development policy Codrina Rada is an economist with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Aff airs (DESA).

E-mail: [email protected] Lance Taylor is Arnhold Professor of International Cooperation and Development at the New School for Social Research. Work in macroeconomics. Taylor has published extensively in the fields of macroeconomics and development economics, focusing on the interaction of growth, stability and income distribution under different social relations.

He contributed to the development of. For a sense of what a serious academic development of “IS-LM-style” models could look like, the best starting point is probably the work of Lance Taylor, particularly Reconstructing Macroeconomics.

Lance Taylor () has provided both a technical introduction to a form of structuralist economics and critique of more mainstream approaches. ^ Dutt, Amitava Krishna and Ros, Jaime () Development Economics and Structuralist Macroeconomics: Essays in honor of Lance Taylor, Edward Elgar ^ Colman, D.

and Nixson,F. () Economics. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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