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Nixon had different peace, but was now costing on more war. Vietnam (UK: / ˌ v j ɛ t ˈ n æ m, -ˈ n ɑː m /, US: / ˌ v iː ə t-/ (); Vietnamese: Việt Nam pronounced [vîət nāːm] ()), officially the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (Vietnamese: Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam), is the easternmost country on the Indochina an estimated million inhabitants as ofit is the world's 15th-most-populous country.

Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War began with demonstrations in against the escalating role of the U.S.

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military in the Vietnam War and grew into a broad social movement over the ensuing several years. This movement informed and helped shape the vigorous and polarizing debate, primarily in the United States, during the second half of the s and early s. The Vietnam War is one of America’s ugliest conflicts and defined future military practices.

This sample essay explores the war’s history and U.S.

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response.3/5(6). This web site is an on-line version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. with a personal memorial for each American military casualty of the Vietnam War.

A still from the Vietnam War. The United States regained some of this authority in the s, when its firm stand on human rights — at least in relation to the Soviet Union’s abuse of them — was a factor in the dissolution of the Soviet empire, the demise of which led Francis Fukuyama to proclaim the End of History, much as Daniel Bell and Co had announced the End of Ideology a.

Apr 30,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | 1. OVERVIEW OF ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE IN VIETNAM Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in January and transformed from a.

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